Boatile and Muzila’s fight reaches another level

  • Boatile’s phone confiscated by Investigating Officers
  • Muzila demanded press conference for her to accept the apology


FRANCISTOWN: Specially elected councilor Andy Boatile’s phone has been confiscated by the Francistown Central Police station as part of their investigations and evidence of a case in which he allegedly called the Francistown Mayor Sylvia Muzila a witch.
This comes after the latter’s recent fight where they exchanged words. Consequently Muzila reported a case at Kutlwano Police following which they were reconciled. Interestingly Muzila somersaulted after Boatile issued an apology on this newspaper claiming that his behaviour was uncalled for.
“Look in life there are times we get emotional and react to issues on impulse but after sometime we realize it was not worth it. I realized that I could have been sensitive to Muzila’s feelings as she genuinely felt offended after some people told her what I said out of context,” Boatile said recently when apologizing to Muzila.
Though Boatile tried to apologize the Mayor rejected the apology arguing that it is not authentic. Further Muzila said that Boatile should use all the platforms he used when she tarnished her name. “I cannot accept this apology because it is not specific, I want him to state what he is apologizing for as there are lot of things he said about me,” Muzila said recently when reacting to Boatile’s apology.
However, as their fight continues, on Monday Boatile’s phone was confiscated by the police after the Mayor opened a case due to the former’s failure to call a press conference to apologize.
Confirming the latest on their pending issue Boatile stated that the phone was confiscated on Monday in the afternoon as the Investigating Officer said the case has been handed to prosecution department. “My phone is being confiscated by central police for investigation and evidence,” Boatile said before his phone was confiscated.
Boatile said though he exhausted all the avenues for apologies the Mayor is still turning him down. “First I apologized to Muzila in front of the Police Officers which she agreed and we shook hands. Surprisingly after two weeks she changed her mind and opened a case I was eventually summoned to police to be updated about the new developments. I then sent Councilor Joeplay Gunda and Deputy Mayor Godisang Radisigo to apologize once more on my behalf but she turned them down. Muzila cited a condition that I call a press conference to apologize. That is when I sent BDP Regional Chairman Baemedi Medupi to apologize on my behalf but he was also turned down. Lastly I sent a delegation of councilors which also failed,” Boatile said before handing his phone to police officers.
At the time of going to press Central Police Station Commander Lebalang Maniki could not be reached for comment as he was said to be in a series of meetings.