The Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BoMRA) launched ADR Monitoring Center (AMC) at The Scottish Livingstone Memorial Hospital (Molepolole), bringing the total number of ADR Monitoring centers to 9 across the country.
Speaking at launch of AMC and the signing of the memorandum of Agreement between BoMRA and the Scottish Livingstone Hospital Dr. Partha Gurumurthy, Director, Pharmacovigilance, and Clinical Trials said BoMRA will continue to set up AMCs across the country to build a robust national pharmacovigilance program.
To date, BoMRA has launched ADR Monitoring Centers in selected hospitals in Gaborone, Serowe, Maun, Ramotswa, Francistown, Orapa, and Kasane. These centers help detection, assessment, reporting and prevention of adverse drug reactions or any other drug-related problem. Pharmacovigilance Associates appointed by BoMRA to these hospitals will actively engage with the healthcare professionals in the region to promote reporting of ADRs and adverse events following vaccination.
Adverse drug events are responsible for emergency department and  patients are hospitalised for further treatment after emergency visits for adverse drug events. People may typically take more medicines as they age to treat different disease conditions, and the risk of occurrence of adverse events may increase due to polypharmacy (multiple medications).
Medicines regulators across the world rely mainly on voluntary reporting of suspected ADRs by healthcare professionals to identify new reactions, record the frequency with which they are reported, evaluate factors that may increase the risk, and provide information on how to prevent ADRs.
For his part, Dr. Stephen Ghanie BoMRA Chief Executive Officer said that establishing strategic partnerships and collaborations remains a focal point for the Authority and ensuring that stakeholders are educated and guided accordingly on the Safe and effective use of medical products thus promoting access to safe medicines and vaccines. The Adverse Drug Reaction monitoring centers will assist in monitoring  the quality, efficacy, and safety of marketed products, he said.
The event was also attended by the Director of Health Services Dr. Malebogo Kebabonye who hailed the event as another successful milestone by BoMRA, she further said that the launch of the Molepolole ADR Monitoring Center will help in building a database for the medical sector on drug safety matters, which will enable physicians to take the proper treatment decision for patients thus protecting communities.
In closing, Dr. Baise Tom,  RHMT Coordinator at the Scottish Livingstone Hospital welcomed the establishment of ADR Monitoring Center at the institution. He thanked BoMRA for the ongoing partnerships and support and further looking forward to more opportunities like these in the future. “Without these efforts and support, we would not be able to fulfill our mandate.”