As part of ongoing efforts to position and promote Botswana globally as a preferred destination for investment, Botswana Investment and Trade Centre in collaboration with the Botswana Embassy in Kuwait will undertake an investment and trade promotion mission in Doha, Qatar from April 10-12, 2019. The mission is facilitated and made possible by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry who have arranged for a high-level targeted business engagement with potential investors present in Qatar. The mission also aims to promote Botswana holistically to foster relations with a view to facilitate business and trade between Botswana and Qatar, both at public and private sector level.

The high-level business engagement will see participation by a business delegation from Botswana led by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry, Peggy Serame. During the mission, the Botswana business delegation will also have an opportunity to engage one on one with the Qatar counterparts and will undertake a few site visits to explore areas of collaboration or partnerships. Additionally, the Botswana delegation will establish what the various companies in Qatar require as prerequisites to consider investment in

The expected outcome of these engagements is to see an increase in export oriented foreign direct investment inflows to Botswana, to identify goods (raw materials) or products and services

that Botswana could supply to Qatar and to realise an increase in economic activities that will drive job creation and enable self-sufficiency for Batswana.

The delegation consists of representatives from institutions and private sector from the following sectors; Mining and diamond beneficiation, Transport and Logistics, Energy, Tourism, Agriculture and Health.