Botswana, Zambia to Both Maintain Kazungula Bridge 

  • Bots, Zambia to build waterfront projects
  • Molale says Botswana will erect toll-gates
  • Kazungula Bridge was constructed at US$259.3 million




The Republic of Botswana and Zambia have jointly committed to sharing the maintenance costs of the Kazungula Bridge through the creation of the Kazungula Bridge Authority (KBA). This decision was reached during the recent Joint Ministerial Committee and the 56th Botswana-Zambia Bilateral Meeting in Gaborone.

Toll gates fees 

The maintenance expenses will be covered by toll gate fees, although Botswana currently lacks toll gates. Minister Molale assured that toll gates would be established in the future.

In addition to this decision, the 56th Bilateral Meeting saw the approval of guidelines for tourism and events at the Kazungula Bridge. Both countries have initiated waterfront projects at the bridge, as confirmed by Minister of Transport and Public Works, Eric Molale.

Waterfront projects 

These projects aim to enhance tourism in the area, with approved guidelines governing how tourists, both local and international, are handled. The development of waterfronts is already underway in both countries at different stages.

“We have approved the guidelines on tourism which will help how we handle people who have come to marvel at the wonder and how to handle local and international tourists. We have also agreed that we are going to jointly develop our waterfronts to facilitate tourism. Both countries have kickstarted the processes, they are at different stages,” said Minister Molale.

Efficient operation

Molale emphasized the importance of a uniform approach in managing tourism facilities at the bridge. The establishment of the Kazungula Bridge Authority is expected to facilitate efficient operation of the bridge and border controls on both sides. The signing of the Kazungula Bridge Authority is scheduled for March 2024, with ongoing preparations by both countries.

The 56th Botswana-Zambia Bilateral Meeting, attended by various ministers and officials, also addressed the extension of the bridge offices until the KBA signing. The Kazungula Bridge, inaugurated in May 2021, has played a crucial role in facilitating the movement of people and goods. It has become a center for tourism, sightseeing, and sporting events such as marathons, with its significance in the region steadily growing.