BPF finally Ousts Butale

  • Letter of suspension bars Butale from identifying himself with the BPF
  • Butale also ordered to return all BPF belongings in his possession


After protracted dithering, the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) has finally suspended its president Biggie Butale instantaneously and ordered him to return all belongings of the party in his possession immediately.

In a letter to the National Executive Committee dated 10 September 2021, the party’s Disciplinary Committee says at its sitting on 8 September 2021, it “resolved to suspend the party president, Biggie Butale, from the BPF pending a disciplinary hearing on all allegations against him”

It adds that it is not in the best interests of the BPF that Butale continues to discharge as its president of the party before his disciplinary hearing. Butale’s suspension comes with additional conditions, key of which is to stop identifying himself as BPF president:
“Mr Butale is requested to return all party material in his possession, including letterheads, and he is barred from using the same,” says the letter.

“Mr Butale is not to use the BPF name, brand representation and slogan in his pursuits. Mr Butale is not to engage the media and use the name of the BPF. Mr Butale is not to organise and engage in any BPF activities and/or identify.”

But the decision may not be universally shared by top leaders of the party. Impeccable sources say it’s legal secretary, Peace Tamocha, has trashed the move and accused the party’s leadership of running the BPF like a family.

It is not known if Butale will challenge his suspension. Efforts to contact him are still ongoing.