BPP finally bows down to UDC

• Submits names for UDC NEC representatives
• Avoid bad publicity and perception
• To continue fighting within


FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) has finally submitted the long-awaited names of their representatives who sit in the new Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) National Executive Committee (NEC).
As per the UDC constitution all parties that make up the opposition coalition were expected to have submitted names of representatives who sit in formal meetings. The BPP has however been stalling, questioning the legitimacy of the process that saw the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) being admitted to the opposition coalition. The party leadership had boycotted the UDC committee saying it would not attend its sittings unless grievances which include constituency allocation and some ‘housekeeping matters’ are addressed.
This notwithstanding, The Botswana Gazette understands that BPP leadership met and agreed to soften its position, resolving to come up with names of representatives who will sit on UDC structures. Sources say the party was responding to emerging concerns by some of its members who felt that the stalemate with the UDC was fast creating a perception that it was not cooperative and committed to the opposition coalition. “This is the main reason that prompted the BPP to finally tone down and submitted their representatives to UDC,” an insider revealed.
The representatives include BPP President Motlatsi Molapise or his Vice Mbaakanyi Lenyatso and Director of Elections Shathiso Tambula.
BPP Secretary General Venter Galetshabiwe confirmed the development saying “We have written UDC informing the leadership about our new decision and hopefully will start to be part of the new NEC meetings. We took this deliberate decision because we are avoiding bad publicity from the public. Many people were accusing us for not supporting the opposition coalition while some accused us of sabotaging the project. But even if we have submitted the names we still want our concerns to be resolved for amicable working relations and we will not rest until all our issues are resolved,” he said, explaining that it is not like they are not committed to opposition unity but want things to be done right as per the UDC constitution.
Galetshabiwe said UDC leadership, in particular President Duma Boko, should stop avoiding to deal with their concerns. “Boko as the President has the authority to resolve our issues but it seems like he does not want looking at how things have been unfolding ever since we presented our concerns before UDC,” he said.
Meanwhile, asked if they had received names of BPP representatives, UDC Spokesperson Moeti Mhwasa said “The BPP is yet to submit the long-awaited names of UDC NEC representatives.”