BPP prepares for life without the UDC

  • Wants to pull back from opposition coalition
  • Feels undermined


Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) is said to be preparing itself to leave the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), after it failed to address concerns its concerns.
The BPP National Executive Committee (NEC) met over the weekend to determine its relationship with UDC. Sources within the party say the leadership is seriously considering dumping the opposition coalition as it undermines their party and the principles that founded the opposition collective movement. “It is evident that the BPP no longer values their relationship with UDC and wants to pull back at any time in consideration of their delay in submission of their representatives that seat in the UDC NEC. What was discussed at length over the weekend meeting is revival of the party structure so that it remains strong and resolute even if the decision to disband from the opposition coalition is taken,” an insider revealed.
Although the decision to ditch the UDC was not finalized, sources are adamant that at the coming leadership forum a decision will be made. “Even though the leadership did not make a decision we are optimistic that the second meeting will make a determination about BPP relationship with UDC,” emphasized a source.
For a very long time, the BPP has been at loggerheads with UDC leadership over their concerns which include among others demands of additional constituencies and some housekeeping matters that include the inclusion of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) in the UDC NEC meeting. For a very long time the BPP says it has been calling on the UDC leadership to addresses their concerns but all their efforts were thwarted.
Reached for comment regarding the party’s weekend meeting, BPP spokesperson Tshepho Makhani insisted that they were not only discussing how to prepare for life without UDC but revival of their structure so that the party prepares for anything that might happen concerning their relationship with UDC. Makhani said despite these differences with UDC, they remain committed to opposition coalition.
“Our main worry is, why is it difficult for UDC to meet us and address our issues, so we feel that our relationship has been dented that is why we are preparing for live without UDC,” Makhani told The Botswana Gazette adding that their hope is for UDC convener Lebang Mpotokwane to intervene. This is despite the fact that Mpotokwane himself has cited problems within the UDC, among them the fact that they as conveners are being “disregarded” as there is a new committee whose original and mandate he told the media is unclear to them.