Business Botswana praises Masisi administration

expects him to bring revamped policies


FRANCISTOWN: Business Botswana says it is expecting President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s governance to turn around the private sector and economic growth as opposed to  his predecessor President Ian Khama.
Business Botswana President Gobusamang Ebineng revealed when addressing Northern Trade Fair that in consideration of Masisi’s remarks recently when addressing the High Level Consultation Council (HLCC) about his roadmap in improving the country’s economy and the private sector, it is indicative that he is likely to revamp some of the policies that have been a challenge to growth of the private sector in the country.
He said during Khama’s tenure was perceived as not progressive in terms of assisting in the growth of the economy as well as the sector due to some of the policies that were deemed unfriendly to doing business in the country. But unlike in the Khama tenure we are hoping for the betterment and the growth of the private sector due to what he said at HLCC recently. “At the HLCC Masisi pointed out that the government has decided to make some adjustments in the immigration policy in order to easily attract foreign investors who have been concerned about some policy when they to do business locally. Some foreign investors have been struggling to do business in Botswana because of some policies. Therefore to avoid all this there is need to bring revamped policies to cater for foreign investors,” Business Botswana President said when officially opening the fair over the weekend adding that they will also make sure that the private sector benefits from the revamped policies.
Ebineng stated that Business Botswana and some stakeholders have been raising concerns over some of the policies that were brought by Khama’s administration. “Our main was that some of the policies were denying the country to attract foreign investors. Also some of them barred foreigners who could have brought expertise to work in the country the move which denied the economy to grow,” Ebineng stated noting that as Business Botswana they are optimistic that Masisi’s administration will bring lot of change that will help the growth of private sector.