Butale’s sympathisers demand answers at Women’s Conference

  • Say Butale is unwanted by unnamed members of the National Executive Committee
  • Acting BPF president says the matter will be resolved in the near future


Sympathisers of suspended Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) president, Biggie Butale, are mounting pressure on the party to reinstate him and they have accused the party of dragging its feet on the charges of sexual misconduct against him.

Butale’s sympathisers reportedly used a conference of the BPF Women’s League in Kanye over the weekend to demand answers regarding lack of progress in the case.

To illustrate their seriousness, some of them threatened to quit the party if the lack of progress in the case continues and there is no credible explanation for it. “They feel Butale is being hard done by,” said a source. “They believe the case is being delayed because Butale is unwanted by a part of the National Executive Committee.”

However, the acting president Caroline Lesang reportedly calmed the situation when she said Butale’s case is so sensitive that it cannot be rushed just to satisfy people calling for his reinstatement.

Lesang reminded them that alleged victims of sexual harassment should be at the forefront to ensure that justice prevails. At any rate, she reportedly said, the issue of whether or not to reinstate the suspended president of BPF is handled by the Disciplinary Committee.

“Lesang stood her ground and called Butale’s sympathisers to order,” the source said. “She told them that they should leave the DC to do its job without any interference as this has the potential to affect the outcome of the case.”

Butale was suspended in September last year pending a disciplinary hearing after allegations of sexual harassment emerged against him. Lesang has confirmed the incident at the BPF women’s conference. “It is true some members demanded answers about when Butale’s case will be resolved,” she told The Gazette.

“Although questions were asked, just like any other court case, it is difficult to say when Butale’s case will be concluded. The case is being handled by the DC. I assured them that the issue will be resolved in the near future and asked them to be patient.”