Clash over Ginimbi’s property at Phakalane

  • Phakalane wants the property to revert to its ownership
  • Ginimbi’s lawyers say


A dispute is likely to ensue between Phakalane Estate and the family of the late Zimbabwean socialite and businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, over a million pula property at Phakalane Golf Estate in Gaborone, The Botswana Gazette has established.

Sources say Phakalane Estate has approached the Master of the High Court to seek advice on an undeveloped plot that Ginimbi purchased a few years ago. It is understood that the contract included building covenants, which are restrictive legal tools that govern use of property and prohibit certain uses.

Phakalane Estate’s building covenants bind property buyers to develop their properties within two years of purchase. Failure to do so triggers certain charges and the property reverting to the land owner if the charges are not met.
Although the actual purchase date of Ginimbi’s plot is unclear, the plot is not developed but the two-year period is said to have elapsed.

Upon being approached, management of Phakalane Estate said they were not at liberty to comment and directed this publication to a person appointed to administer Ginimbi’s estate by the Master of the High Court in Zimbabwe.
Meanwhile, The Botswana Gazette is made to understand that Phakalane Estate has experienced difficulties trying to reach Ginimbi’s family, hence the company’s decision to seek advice from the High Court. Reports from Zimbabwe say Ginimbi died intestate and so there is no registered will to determine how his estate is to be distributed.

Brighton Pabwe of Venturas and Samukange, who were Ginimbi’s long time legal representatives, told Zimbabwean media last month: “We are not aware of any will that was prepared by the late Kadungure. That document does not exist.” Ginimbi was the owner of Pioneer Gases, a company with offices in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Phakalane mansion

Regarding foreign reports that Ginimbi owned a multi-million pula mansion at Phakalane Golf Estate, authoritative sources say the mansion belongs to close friend of Ginimbi’s and fellow Zimbabwean businessman, Victor Jireme, who is a Prohibited Immigrant in Botswana but still owns several businesses and properties in the country.