Dow Reportedly Torn Between BCP and UDC

But must decide soon following BCP’s writ of elections for primaries in September


Former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislator and now independent Member of Parliament, Unity Dow, is reportedly finding it difficult deciding which to join between the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).
Sources say Dow is grappling with a decision for an entity that aligns with her convictions but is also aware of the recent victories of the UDC in bye-elections
“Unity Dow’s inclination is to the BCP, which is aligned with her personal beliefs and political philosophy,” a source told The Botswana Gazette.

“However, the UDC’s recent string of successes has undoubtedly left her in a quandary as the appeal of joining a winning team is not easy to ignore.”
Unity Dow has been in discussions with the BCP but is now said to be giving an ear to the coalition UDC that has been the beneficiary of a series of bye-election victories.
A Dow confidante has told this publication that her ultimate decision will be guided by two primary factors: firstly, what the party can offer to her in terms of agreement with her principles and aspirations; secondly, the feasibility of securing a return to Parliament.
While the BCP says it will go into primary elections next month, the UDC still has several unresolved issues before the matter of primaries can be considered.

Ample possibilities
Dow’s chances of returning to Parliament are reportedly high, given that her candidacy will be in a new Kgatleng constituency that is full of possibilities, whichever lot she goes with.
Indications are that she will compete with less known candidates who have been in the local council.