“None The Wiser” after COVID Briefing
On Friday the President signed a government gazette declaring a lockdown for the Greater Gaborone, the biggest economic and administrative zone. My immediate view was that the reaction (lockdown) was disproportionate to the danger we faced. The danger was said to be 8 new reported cases. Additionally, they announced the closure of a hospital.
After listening to the COVID 19 Presidential Task Force Leader briefing, I just wonder what report was given to the President for him to lockdown Greater Gaborone. The 8 confirmed cases announced by Dr. Malaki on Friday are now called “Probable Cases”. How does a confirmed case graduate to a probable case? Communication from Gaborone Private Hospital shows that their own testing of patients yielded 8 positive cases of corona. What justification can be marshalled to close a hospital for confirming a patient’s medical status?
I am none the wiser after listening to the briefing, in fact, I am more confused. Those of my friends with better skills to decode the briefing please help….