Duna to run for BCP Presidency

FRANCISTOWN: While most Botswana Congress Party (BCP) cadres have thrown their weight behind the incumbent President Dumelang Saleshando ahead of the party’s July elective congress, the youthful Tebogo Duna has declared interest in taking the latter head on. Confirming his candidacy to NorthCast, Duna pointed out that though he is aware that most BCP cadres perceive Saleshando as a messiah, he is not bothered by that because he believes he has the right qualities to lead the party.

“Indeed it is true that I have declared my interest in facing Saleshando who will be defending his position and I have already started to lobby for support from different constituencies. Many people think that I am challenging the incumbent president, which is not the case. To set the record straight, prior to the elective congress there will be a vacant presidential position to fill. Therefore, as a BCP member, constitutionally I meet the requirements to contest for the presidential position. So if people have a problem with me declaring my interest, it will be surprising because constitutionally I am allowed to contest,” the outspoken Duna pointed out.

Duna’s decision to contest for BCP’s top post is influenced by party members who rely on Saleshando too much. “I believe that if a political institution believes that it has a messiah it has a lot of problems because this can put it in a dangerous position. As a political institution, we should have a pool of messiahs rather than rely on only one person,” noted Duna.

He is not deterred by reservations from his critics as that is what he expected once he took the decision to contest. “I knew that there was going to be a lot of reservations but I am determined to answer anyone who questions my decision. People who dismiss my candidacy should understand that even Saleshando was an unknown entity when he ascended the BCP presidency,” emphasized the determined Duna.

Regarding his campaign roadmap, Duna highlighted that he has a well-written manifesto that he will avail after the official endorsement. “I am only awaiting official endorsement before I release my campaign manifesto,” he said.