Elijah Katse campaigned for UDC in 2014 – Mmolotsi


Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) candidate for the upcoming Tlokweng parliamentary by-election, Elijah Katse, is said to have been instrumental in helping the UDC win with a huge margin in the 2014 general election.
This was revealed by UDC legislator Wynter Mmolotsi at a politically rally on Sunday: “He went around with us at night as we campaigned and directed us to those BDP families that agreed to vote opposition. He always insisted on remaining behind in the car when we reached the households.”
According to Mmolotsi the UDC won with a big margin in 2014 partly because of the significant role Katse played. “People of Tlokweng should continue to vote for opposition like they did in 2014, Katse cannot be the one telling you to vote for you now because he endorsed UDC after the BDP recalled him,” he continued
Katse was recalled in 2014 following allegations of rigging after the party’s primary elections which he won. He was replaced his runner Olebile Gaborone who was trounced by the late Same Bathobakae of the UDC who died last year.
He however dismissed revelations by Mmolotsi as propaganda, saying it was curios why they would raise the matter now when they failed to bring it up in the past. “Those are damning allegations by opposition are only meant to assassinate my character and de-campaign me. Personally, I never endorsed any parliamentary candidate for the 2014 general elections, I was just there alone,” said Katse who denied personal relations with the UDC maverick, adding also that he enjoys the support of Gaborone’s followers as they are part of his campaign team.
On the issuance of the Tlokweng election writ, Katse explained that it was the sole prerogative of the president to issue it.