FCC in Allegations of Tender Corruption

Bidders accuse council of flouting tender procedures


The Francistown City Council (FCC) is at the centre of allegations of flouting tender procedures to advance nepotism and favouritism, The Botswana Gazette has established.
Companies that expressed interest in FCC tender No: COFC/ARCH/49/2022 for construction of a primary school at Gerald Estates are making the allegations of violation of tender procedures and standard practice of adjudication against FCC.


The companies – which prefer anonymity for fear of being victimised during adjudication – point out that while the initial stage that follows submission and closing of tender documents is publication of bidders’ names and their quotes by the adjudication committee, it was not done in respect of this tender.

According to the bidders, the tender was closed in November 2022.
“This is done for transparency and could help bidders to know their competitors,” said one of the bidders. “We are still in the dark about the progress of the tender three months later but we hear that the project could start soon.”

The Town Clerk, Lopang Pule, and the adjudication committee are allegedly implicated in this. The bidders say they suspect that the delay in awarding this tender could be a ploy to enable favoured companies to win the bid.

The Town Clerk has not responded to Gazette enquiries sent to him and instead said he preferred a face-to-face interview. The Mayor of Francistown, Godisang Radisigo, said he was yet to be briefed about the project.

“I cannot say anything about that project because I am still going to be briefed on the details,” said the Mayor.