Former Unionist takes on Molao


FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s  Shashe West MP Fidelis Molao seems to be facing an uphill battle to retain his seat following the arrival of the former unionist Ibo Nana Kenosi in the fight for the constituency.
As the second batch of the BDP primary fast approaches, Kenosi deployed different campaign strategies to canvass support. Although Kenosi does not want to open up about his candidacy his contributions to the constituency show he has launched a serious battle. “Some constituency elders have approached me asking to consider representing the party (BDP) in the coming general elections but for now I am yet to decide,” said the former Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) Secretary General.
However, Kenosi was written a letter by the BDP constituency branch regarding his supporters’ purported attacks on Molao.“I can confirm that the branch wrote a letter to Kenosi, but we did not complain about the assistance he is offering per se but about his supporters’ attack to Molao. These attacks after Kenosi donated some dust bins within the constituency and after he posted on social media about the donations some of his followers suggested that these bins are meant for Molao because he has failed the constituency. As for his declaration of his interests to contest I cannot comment because what I understand is that vetting is yet to be done. Therefore, we do not have any candidates for primary elections,” Mpugwa told The Botswana Gazette.
Although he does not want his contributions in the constituency to be perceived as campaigning, Kenosi has donated among other things laptops, printers, schools bags and pencil cases to schools. He recently donated dustbins that sparked controversy when some constituents suggested they were a symbol that Molao should be disposed for failing the constituency.
Kenosi’s provision of water to the constituency comes at a time when some of the villagers are fighting acute shortage of water for which they blame Molao. Last year some residents were up in arms accusing Molao of failing the constituency. Early last year Sebina residents started a campaign titled ‘O icheke’ meant to sensitize the electorates to oust him in the coming general elections. “Yes it is true that some residents are not happy with Molao. During a kgotla meeting, residents voiced out their grievances in his presence and accused him of failing to bring services to the people and it’s time he steps down,” Kgosi Boyce Bagai of Nyanga ward in Sebina told one of the local newspapers last year following a heated kgotla meeting which the resident raised their concerns.
Molao who was inaccessible to comment for this has himself been busy donating to schools within the constituency. Last year he donated bus stop shelters that were erected in some of the villages within the constituency.