Francistown killer cops suspended


While insiders at the Botswana Police Service (BPS) tell The Botswana Gazette that officers who tortured ATM bombing suspect Boitshepo Bisto Kenyaditswe to death were suspended, Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube claims to be unaware of the development.
“I do not know anything about the suspension you are talking about, what I can only confirm is that one suspect who hails from Gweta village who was interviewed by our officers was certified dead upon arrival at Nyangagbwe Referral Hospital. During our interview with the suspect he said he was not feeling well, we then rushed him to the hospital where he was certified dead. Therefore, as for now we are still investigating the circumstances that lead to the death of this suspect,” Motube said.
Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital for its part confirmed receiving the suspect referred to by Motube but said he was already dead on arrival. “I can confirm that we recorded a patient who was already dead when brought by the police,” said Public Relations officer Keekae Majeremane.
This publication understands that 37-year old Gweta-born Kenyaditswe was arrested during the Easter holidays in connection with ATM robberies and was detained at Francistown’s Kutlwano Police Station where he was apparently tortured to death.
Sources at Kutlwane Police Station say Kenyaditswe’s hostility towards the police resulted in the heavy handedness with which they treated him. “Police officers who interrogated Kenyaditswe accused him for being uncooperative, eventually torturing and beating him thoroughly. When he became unconscious the police officers rushed him to the hospital where he was certified dead upon arrival. Now they want to claim that they rushed Kenyaditswe to hospital after he told them that he was not feeling well whilst they are the ones who caused his death,” a source at the police station said last week following the death.
The Botswana Gazette understands that the implicated police officers were suspended pending investigation.