Children encounter many challenges in a school environment and often school psychologists are among the school support professionals who are essential in providing support and identifying appropriate interventions and accommodations for academic and mental health needs of the students. Schools are also at the forefront of developing future leaders, and require new strategic approaches to succeed.
At Gaborone International School, the student support services program is gaining momentum with the appointment of Mrs. Reetsang, effective 9 November 2020. In collaboration with Parents and Teachers, her focus areas will include assisting with learning programmes, helping learners to cope with transitioning into the higher phases of the school and supporting them on a range of emotional, social, behavioural and learning issues.
Mrs. Reetsang is no stranger to the education environment, her experience includes working as an Intern Psychologist and then a School Psychologist. She has acquired experience in a School environment and in the consulting environment. She has also worked as a lecturer at the University of Pretoria on a part-time basis. She has also facilitated workshops and training on subject choices, managing bullying, career paths and conflict resolutions.
Mrs. Reetsang, has the following qualifications:
Master of Education: Educational Psychology from the University of Pretoria;
Bachelor Honours: Educational Psychology from the University of Pretoria;
Certificate in Early Childhood Development from Bosa Bosele Training Institute;
Bachelor of Arts: Psychology and HR from Monash University
“We believe Mrs. Reetsang’s professional experience alongside her caring nature will be a perfect fit for the Gaborone International School. Her door will be open to students that require academic assistance, emotional support and she will offer guidance to students who are suffering from any barriers to learning”, says Horace Mpanza, Managing Director of Gaborone International School.