Govt Arranges to Bury CKGR Man in New Xade

… as family remains steadfast about escalating the matter to the international community and burying their father inside the CKGR as his ancestral home


Amid efforts of the family of a long deceased Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR) man to escalate the case of their father’s burial to the international community, the government is reportedly busy arranging for the burial of the man, Pitseng Gaoberekwe, outside the CKGR in accordance with a court ruling.

The Botswana Gazette has established that government officials have been making contact with some key community members in New Xade to arrange for the burial of the remains of Gaoberekwe there.

Gaoberekwe’s body has been lying in the morgue since mid-December 2021 pending finalisation of the court case.

His family has repeatedly warned that they will not participate in a burial of their father outside CKGR as his ancestral home.

Last wish
They have consistently asserted that it was their father’s last wish to be buried inside the CKGR because that was where he lived all his life.

In an interview with this publication this week, the lawyer acting for the family, Nelson Ramaotwana, said it is up to the government what to do next with the deceased’s remains.
“It is up to how the Attorney General prefers to proceed with the matter,” he said. “We have stated our case, and how they proceed with the matter is really up to them.”
Speaking to The Gazette last week, Attorney General Abraham Keetshabe said the order that advised that the deceased be buried immediately would be adhered to soon rather than later.