Guma Moyo’s Future at BPF in Doubt?

  • Guma’s ambitions may be thwarted by Butale’s return
  • Says he will still run to become BPF president
  • Guma hopes Goya and Butale will run for BPF presidency


Some members of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) believe that Samson Guma Moyo’s future with the party could be in doubt following suspension of the party’s elective congress.

The BPF announced last week that its National Executive Committee (NEC) had decided to lift the suspension of some party members.

The decision included reinstatement of Biggie Butale president of the BPF. The party announced suspension of its elective congress until all party structures were fully functional.


The Botswana Gazette is informed that the decision to suspend the congress has frustrated Guma Moyo’s camp. Moyo was believed to be the front runner for the party presidency ahead of Moiserale Goya inspite of his backing by former president and patron of the BPF, Ian Khama.

“Guma Moyo has been very active in the running of the party,” said a BPF member close to these developments. “His mission was to take over the presidency of the party and nothing else.”

Reached for comment, Moyo said he will still consider running for president despite the indefinite postponement of the elective congress.

“The elective congress is a topic that is irrelevant at this moment,” he said. “We believe that party unity is the most critical thing right now. We want our party to be united before we go to congress.


Congress is constitutional
“The elective congress is a constitutional thing and there is no way we can avoid it. I will still consider running, and I do hope that Rre Goya and Butale will also consider vying for the presidency.”

Goya has also expressed his agreement with postponement of the congress and described it as a blessing for party unity. “We believe that postponing the congress was in the best interests of the party, and I fully support it,” he said.

“I believe that had we gone ahead with the congress that was billed for 28 to 30 October, our party would have been in shambles.

“At this point, the dates for the elective congress have not been announced. Once the writ is announced, members will raise their hands to express their interest in running for the party presidency.”

Asked if he will be running for the BPF presidency when the congress is finally held, Butale responded: “Why would I back out now when I have fought this much to be reinstated? I’m in it for the long haul.”