Guma Quits BPF

  • Says he was accused of fuelling divisions in BPF
  • “I do not see myself working with Khama”


Former MP for Tati East and cabinet minister Samson Guma Moyo has left the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF).

Guma, who was due to be a candidate for BPF president later this year, has confirmed that he is leaving the party with immediate effect.


“I have left the BPF but I am with the UDC,” he told this publication last night.

He has been quoted as saying he and BPF President Biggie Butale are accused of destabilising the party by BPF patron Ian Khama.

“This was after a very tense National Executive Committee (meeting) where your patron accused me and (Biggie) Butale of having destabilised your party.


“The relationship between me and (Ian) Khama is tense and I do not see myself working with him.  However, I respect him as an elder and former President the same way I respect the current President.”

It is understood that Butale is also uncomfortable in the BPF and may be the next to quit the party. However, he Butale could not be reached for comment because his phone rang unanswered on Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, observers say Guma’s departure will fuel issues of tribalism within the BPF because it is bound to validate the existing narrative that BaKalanga are sidelined by BaNgwato in the BPF.