High-end Corporate Gifts in the Offing

  • MontBlanc brand penetrates the local market
  • Choosing a high end, valuable gift for VIPs can be a daunting task


Private Collection situated at Riverwalk mall in Gaborone is the only authorized Montblac retailer in Botswana, a brand that prides itself with the finest corporate gifts for the esteemed.
In a time where the world is moving away from the brick and mortar stores to online shopping, Montblanc has maintained the traditional form of shopping for customers to physically visit the stores and appreciate the look and feel of the products before purchase. Choosing a high end, valuable gift for VIPs can be a daunting task and Montblanc’s corporate gifts provide the solution, says Private Collections owner Petronella  Matumo. She added that Montblanc gifts are the ultimate symbol of mutual trust and respect for important clients, faithful team members or valuable business partners.
Montblanc offers a wide product range ideal as gifts for corporate occasions including reward programmes, celebratory events or incentive campaigns. In the offing are Montblanc’s writing instruments including high-end pens and notepads among others that can be further personalized by engraving a signature, the recipient’s initials or full name on the pen cap.
“Montblanc was founded out of a love for writing. A love grounded on the fact that written words have the power to change the world hence Montblanc became a manufacturer of luxury pens. It has over the years broadened its product range to include leather goods, timepieces, as well as men’s accessories and ladies’ jewellery and fragrances,” Matumo said.
Moreover, Montblanc has a UNICEF collection as they both share the vision of empowering every child through education. The partnership has to-date raised over US$10 million for UNICEF’s work for children. Montblanc first embarked on the partnership with UNICEF in 2004 to help promote literacy across the world. The partnership has been a valuable contributor to UNICEF’s education programmes, in collaboration with governments and partners, in over 25 countries. It has helped UNICEF provide training to education professionals; reduce repetition and dropout rates; help girls realize their right to an education and also prepare communities for the onset of emergencies including natural disasters.