I am ready for anything they throw at me – Kgosi

Former top spy was speaking to journalists outside court where he faces a strong of charges


The embattled former director general of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS), Isaac Kgosi, says he is mentally ready for anything that may be thrown at him.

Kgosi, who is set to appear today (Wednesday) for his bail hearing from yesterday, told the media that he is in good spirits as he prepares to fight for his liberty.

“They treated me better than the first day. I have eaten, bathed and slept well. I am in good spirits and ready for everything,” he said, adding that what he is going through is a clear case of harassment.

According to the charge sheet, Kgosi is accused of undermining the security of Botswana in conduct prejudicial to the interests of the country and contrary to the National Security Act.

He is accused of being found in possession of three armored vests closely resembling those of the Botswana Police Service without lawful authority. In count two, Kgosi is accused of being in possession of military uniform closely resembling that of the Botswana Defence Force.

Particulars of the two offences are that Kgosi was on or about October 24, 2021 found in possession of these items without lawful authority.

In counts three and four, he is accused of being in possession of battle vests and a tactical backpack closely resembling those of the DISS and being in possession of forged or irregular official documents purporting to be specimens of and a passport of Botswana without lawful authority.

The particulars of the offences are that on or about October 24, 2021 Kgosi was found in possession of two battle vests and two tactical backpacks and in possession of one passport in the name of Lerato Hilton purportedly issued by the Government of Botswana and three Botswana passport specimens, two in the names of Ian Khama and one in the name of Alicia Keys issued by Vlatacom Ltd.

Further, in counts five and six, Kgosi is accused of being in possession of a forged or irregular official document purporting to be a national identity card of Botswana and being of possession of ammunition without a licence.

According to particulars of the offence, Kgosi was allegedly found in possession of 15 rounds of ammunition, 45 centre fire cartridges (high velocity), 100 centre fire cartridges (38 special) and 39x.38 special cartridges (plastic training) without a licence.