“I hate Saleshando” – Pilane

  • Saleshando is the problem in UDC- Pilane
  • He is disrespectful, Pilane says
  • Pilane says Saleshando is not a leader
  • ‘He is the opposite of Boko’, -Pilane

Gazette reporters

Embattled President of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Advocate Sydney Pilane says that he hates Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President Dumelang Saleshando so much that he can’t even pretend to like him in public for political and public perception, investigations by this publication have revealed.
This publication is in possession of a leaked recorded audio conversation between BMD President Advocate Pilane and his colleagues, former BMD activist Sesame Nakedi.
In that meeting which this publication understands to have taken place around 21 June 2018 at Pilane’s home, it appears the agenda was for the trio to discuss the best ways to handle their relationship with other leaders in the opposition so as to build public perception that they are a united front.
In the audio, Nakedi is heard saying that the BMD, which was expelled from the Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC) end of last year , needed to find ways of mending their relationships with the BCP members as well as those in the BNF, for the sake of creating a united front for the electorate.
Pilane interjects saying that he as BMD President gets along with everyone in the UDC except for Saleshando. “Saleshando is the problem,” continued Pilane. He said Saleshando’s biggest problem is that he is not a leader and that he is influenced by some of his members on the streets. “He is the opposite of Boko. He succumbs to the pressure of his followers and stops thinking,” said Pilane. In the recording, Nakedi and an unidentified ally said that the only way for the UDC to work was for them to present a united front.
“The four of you must be seen to be working together. You have to take selfies and have coffee together in public for political reasons. You have to be seen to be liking each other” said Nakedi.
Immediately Pilane retorted, “I can’t like Saleshando, he is dishonest. Ga se motho (he is inhumane).”
Investigations suggest that the conversation may have taken place after the heated argument in the UDC elders secret social media group whose contents were subsequently leaked to the public last year.
In the leaked WhatsApp conversation Pilane hinted that, “In the Moshupa Manyana by-election, the BCP and BNF actively campaigned against the UDC parliamentary candidate and achieved victory for the BDP. That was contrary to all that the UDC is and represents.”
Saleshando who was also a member of the group responded to the accusation. “ We can’t have a Trump that explodes saying only he knows the truth. You are downright disrespectful and rude. Your presence has been poisonous. We always get asked questions by the public gore what do we hope to achieve with you,” he said.
Pilane and Saleshando have never seen eye to eye and it was at this stage that their feud became irreconcilable. Speaking to this publication, Saleshando said that his sentiments about Pilane still have not changed.
Pilane has not been responding to enquiries and phone calls from this publication while BMD spokesperson Rasina Winfred Rasina said he received the questions and was yet to respond last week. BMD chairman Nehemiah Modubule promised to respond to issues surrounding the leaked audio recordings, but has yet to comment.