“I was being harassed” – Range Rover Driver Speaks Out 

  • Slaps a ‘drunk’ woman in the midst of GBV firestorm
  • Sets record ‘straight’
  • She was a threat to my property

A Twitter account set the social media ablaze when one of its users reported that a woman was left for ‘dead’ after being beaten by a man driving a Botswana registered Range Rover (plate available) to this publication on the 28th of November 2020.

The alleged beater has come out to tell his side of the story. The left ‘for dead’ part of the twit was a dramatization of the actual event.

This publication has spoken to the driver who said that he was reacting to what seemed as a threat to his property.

“I parked at a filling station in Gaborone to get a few things. This woman kept insulting me and following me. I ignored her and went around my business. I only reacted when she started knocking my car window with a bottle of alcohol. I opened the door, approached her and slapped her because I was incensed by her provocations,” says the infamous Range Rover driver as social media calls him.

He notes that he is not on social media and was not aware of his actions taking the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. Asked why he has not come out to own up to his actions he said, “I’m not on social media. But I can take you to the place where all this happened. The Manager of the filling station and the people that were there can attest to my character and how much I was provoked when I was minding my own business.”

Plans to trace the woman or obtain comments from those available at the scene of the incident were fruitless. Blessing offered to take this reporter to the filling station to get witnesses who can attest to his side of the story.