“I will blow off the brains of sell outs” – Boko to BNF youth

Warns party of  infiltration by  opponents


Botswana National Front (BNF) president Duma Boko  has issued  a stern warning to the  party youth  found to be conniving  with opponents to destabilize the party.   Addressing the youth at  their   elective congress held in Mahalapye over the weekend, Boko  cautioned the youth, saying the party was surrounded by enemies who have already infiltrated  them.
“The period we are in is the struggle, you need to understand the dangers that come with it,” he said , explaining that  incentives will be offered by opponents but  they need to remain loyal to the struggle. “ Your mission is to identify suffering  and to let suffering speak. That is what you are called to do as comrades in the struggle,” he said , threatening that those who betray the struggle will have him to deal with.
“I will personally  blow off the  brains  of anyone who  will  betray this struggle and its  course.  Our course  does  not admit any sell outs  and those  prepared to be bought must appreciate that in  this   struggle, we will  not entertain any betrayal because if  you betray this struggle,  you will  get  all comrades wiped out and the dreams of our people.”
Boko  also  cautioned the  youth against indiscipline, saying they needed to stop attacking each other and the party leadership especially on social media. “ None of us is bigger than this organization,  none of us is more important that the organization  and in the difficult time that we are in,  where   the enemy has become  emboldened by the fact that there are some amongst us here who  are  prepared to sell their soul, then we need to be more vigilant as BNF, ” he cautioned, calling for dedicated members who  will defend the party  with their lives  and not those who  attack it.
Furthermore, the BNF president  warned the youth against  what he said was unpleasant and uncomplimentary  comments  about the party and its leadership  on  social media. “ I sometimes cringe when I   read what some of you write and realize that comrades  are up in arms against other comrades;  spitting venom and insulting each other- all in the name of  being revolutionary,” Boko stated. He said  it was time for the youth to  introspect and establish the kind of youth that they want to be.  “ We will always argue, quarrel and differ, but  we need to be respectful and do so with dignity,”  he said, telling those  who contested  the elections to accept results with humility.
Giving a solidarity message, BOPEU president Andrew  Motsamai   advised the youth league  to exercise discipline  saying  without discipline, the youth would not take the organization anywhere. “The youth must respect the constitution, must critique and not bash the leadership. The youth must rise above the cancer of factionalism and grow our organizations. It seems to me that, these one expects from a genuine revolutionary disciplined cadre,” Motsamai said.