Ineeleng Holdings sues Ministry of Health

Unpaid rental of equipment and servicing of machines is the issue


Ineeleng Holdings (PTY) Ltd, is suing the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoHW) for a whopping P111 000 and an extra P55 500 per month until full payment for its rented 35 Alaris infusion pump machines and two Bair Hugger blanket warmers currently used at Princess Marina Hospital is made.

Acting through Ndadi law firm, Ineeleng Holdings also wants MoHW to pay 10 percent interest on arrears owing to the machines, as well as for costs incurred in proceedings of the lawsuit.

According to court documents, Ineeleng Holdings was awarded a contract in the financial year 2015/2016 to repair and service infusion and syringe pumps at Princess Marina Hospital. Fifteen of these machines were unrepeatable and the company opted to provide replacement pumps on loan while repair orders were being done by the manufacturer. The contract for using the machines has since lapsed and the ministry continues to use the machine. The expected rent for the machines was P1 500 per machine.

In her quest to support the fight against COVID-19, Ineeleng Kavindama serviced 40 machines at the price of 20 machines. The machines were due for servicing in December 2020 and have not been serviced since then.

In an interview with The Botswana Gazette, Kavindama’s representatives, Uyapo Ndadi of Ndadi law firm confirmed the action. “We are starting the court process tomorrow (Friday) or Monday,” Ndadi said. He added that his client has not given him instructions to sue the ministry for defamation of character. “I do not have instructions on that,” he said.

Upon being contacted, the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Edwin Dikoloti, asked for written questions. “Send a questionnaire to PR,” the minister said. “How do you intend to get information from the MoHW without contacting PR? WhatsApp me the questionnaire and I will forward it to PR.”

The ministry’s PR office had not responded at the time of going to press. “We are still attending to the questionnaire,” said the Chief Public Relations Officer, Doreen Motshegwa. “Our Permanent Secretary, Kabelo Ebineng, is still being briefed about the matter. Our previous Permanent Secretary, Mma Moagi, is the one who knew about the matter.”