Influencers are currently blossoming in Botswana. With current media dynamics in the country, social media has surpassed a whole lot of mediums in terms of reach and efficiency, thus personalities who become big on social media turn out to be amongst the most influential. Cementing her Influencer status, Natasha Proctor has become one of the most followed women in Botswana across all popular social media platforms. She joins us in this edition of Influencer Spot.
Q1. Welcome to the Influencer Spot Natasha.
A1. Thank you so much, Joey.
Q2. You are a well-known person, How did you become so popular?
A2. I was constantly bullied on social media for being ‘fat.’ Moreover, people love my makeup artistry style and confidence in life.
Q3. So when did you become a makeup artist?
A3. Beginning of my tertiary schooling days I believe. It has been five years now.
Q4. What inspired you to become a makeup artist?
A4. I just loved how women applied and played with makeup. I then saved my school living allowance to buy makeup kits and started applying them to myself.
Q5. How is the makeup artist industry in Botswana?
A5. It is growing. It is coming up well.
Q6. In your take and experience, do you see the beauty industry as a potential large contributor to Botswana’s economy?
A6. It can be, as long as both the people and the Government take it seriously.
Q7. The biggest identity of an influencer is a large number of followers. How many followers do you have on social media altogether? Across all platforms?
A7. Well, on Facebook I have over 57 000 followers on my account. Then on my page, I have well over 42 000 followers. On Instagram, I have almost 56 000 followers and on Tiktok I have an audience of over 153 000 followers. So all together I have well over 308 000 followers across all social media platforms.
Q8. That is huge. Your numbers have grown you into a solid influencer. How is it like being one?
A8. There is nothing really special about it. It is just okay.
Q9. So in your description, what is an influencer?
A9. To me, an influencer is someone who changes the mindset of people and directs them in a certain direction. It is not determined by a number of followers but by the power to convince people into something.
Q10. Such a thoughtful answer. So, in Botswana, are there any economic benefits of being an influencer?
A10. Yes, there is, only if you are smart about it.
Q.11.You have a unique fashion taste, like the piercings, tattoos and all, what inspires it?
A11.It is a natural kick and my love for art. Khanyi Mbau also inspires me a lot in that department. I love art and it makes sense for me to have tattoos.
Q12. You were once trolled on social media for saying you want a man who gives you money. What is your response to it?
A12. I believe that men should be providers. I am a hard worker myself and I make my own money. I believe in spoiling – gifting and surprising my partner. Why should I be with someone who will not treat me the same or better? There is nothing wrong with being given money by your partner. That is just my love language.
Q13. Okay. Lastly, what is the way forward for Natasha Proctor?
A13. All I can say is wait and see.
Q14. All right Natasha. All the best with all that and thanks for joining us.
A14. Thank you so much