Ipelegeng is a waste of your time- BDP’s Kwambala tells youth

“It wastes your time and limits your thinking capacity”


FRANCISTOWN: The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s Itekeng Councilor Lesego Kwambala has discouraged youth from joining Ipelegeng program in droves saying it wastes their time and ‘limits their thinking capacity’.
The youthful councilor noted with concern when addressing Itekeng ward residents in Francistown East constituency that while he appreciates government’s efforts of coming up with social programs, he is concerned by the skilled youth and graduates who are now leading the pack in joining Ipelegeng. Kwambala said it shows lack of thinking for graduates capable of eking out a living through their skills and knowledge to be targeting Ipelegeng as a source of livelihood.
“As your leader I have played my role by creating opportunities and facilitating your betterment, therefore this is the time to use your brains and make a living,” said a concerned Kwambala.
Citing Zimbabwe and Zambia Kwambala said despite political and economic stability the people have made turnaround for the betterment of their lives. “If these people go through lot of hardships then why is it difficult for us to make living out of any opportunities created around us,” he said.