Isaac Kgosi lied

Isaac Kgosi lied about Malaysian trip – DPP

  • DPP says Kgosi entered Malaysia on 13 July, not 28 May as he claimed
  • Kgosi’s lawyers say he departed and re-entered on 13 July
  • Magistrate demands Kgosi’s passport to test his claims


The state is adamant that contrary to former Spy Chief Isaac Kgosi’s claims that he entered Malaysia around 28 May 2019, records show that he only entered the Asian country on 3I July 2019, which proves that he lied about his Malaysian trip.

It strongly believes that that the former head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS), is hiding something about his Malaysian trip.

The affidavit deposed by the state and arguments by Kgosi’s lawyers have prompted the Regional South Magistrate Masilo Mathaka to demand that Kgosi furnish the court with his passport to examine all his travels from the disputed dates of 28 May 2019 to 13 July 2019.

According to the state, Kgosi only entered Malaysia on 13 July from Heathrow Airport in London, which was contrary to what the Kgosi’s lawyers position in court that Kgosi had been in Malaysia much earlier for medical treatment.

Not so, says Kgosi’s lawyer, Thabiso Tafila. “Kgosi had gone to Malaysia for medical treatment prior to the date alleged by the state,” Tafila insists. Malaysia, he says, has immigration laws similar to Botswana’s in that if a person enters the country, they are given a permit to stay for up to 30 days, thereafter having to exit and re-enter.

“That is what Kgosi did,” Tafila is adamant. “He only left Malaysia on July 1 and re-entered on July 13 for purposes of being given more days to stay in the country for his medical attention.”
Should Kgosi fail to prove what his lawyers are saying, the court could lift his suspended warrant of arrest, a development that may lead to more trouble for their client.

The warrant of arrest issued against Kgosi last month was suspended following an application by his legal team challenging it. It remains suspended.

Kgosi, who is accused of leaking the identity of DISS operatives involved in a covert operation, is in a separate matter before Magistrate Mathaka also accused of flouting his bail conditions by being outside the country since leaving through Ramotswa border gate on May 28.

On 21 July, the state applied for a warrant of arrest to be issued against Kgosi, which was granted by Broadhurst Magistrate Thedi who later suspended it after an application by Kgosi’s legal team for it to be revoked.

The applicants had argued that their client had left the country to get medical attention in Malaysia at the recommendation of his doctor in Gaborone and that the state had been informed of his whereabouts at all times.

They further argued that in granting Kgosi bail, the regional court had not considered him a flight risk, and so his leaving the country on its own could not constitute flouting his bail conditions.
The case continues on 20 August 2019.