“Join Politics In Large Numbers”- Radibe Tells Teachers

  • Most of the current politicians do not add value to our politics- he says.
  • “They were only elected because they had money to campaign.”


PALAPYE: Former Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) President Jafter Radibe has urged retired teachers to join politics in large numbers and eventually seek political positions.
Addressing BTU’s 80th Palapye Regional Celebration, the outspoken Radibe said for Botswana politics to have value, former teachers should not shy away from seeking political positions as their profession has taught them leadership skills, therefore the experience is imperative for Botswana politics just like in the first parliament which had former teachers.
He pointed out the sense of duty teachers have, saying it is a quality which can benefit them in political leadership.
“This quality alone will always make the former teachers who hold a political office to consider the people they lead whenever they make decisions or advocate for them. Unlike the current crop of politicians who hold political offices, most of them do not possess the grassroots knowledge of being a leader or were never groomed. Most of the current councilors and Members of Parliament are not capable of leading and do not add value to our politics because they were only elected for their money. These people have only been elected because they had money to campaign. That is why I believe former teachers can be helpful and add value to our politics should they join in large numbers,” he said.
Radibe said there is a link between the decline in Members of Parliament with teaching background in parliament and the quality of parliament and its integrity.
“Most of the people in parliament are looking at their own interests. So it is time we make the current parliament look like the first parliament and start joining politics in large numbers,” the BTU Former President appealed.