Kenewendo is overrated-Chillyboy


BCP Youth League President Tumiso ‘Chillyboy’ Rakgari may have just dragged newly elected MP Bogolo Kenewendo into her political baptism of fire- as he says her decision to join the “abusive” BDP shows that she is not as intelligent as she is said to be.
Speaking during a press briefing on Monday, Rakgare said Kenewendo’s choice of party was suspect considering how the youth were oppressed under the BDP regime.
“Kenewendo’s intelligence is talked about too much and I doubt she is that intelligent to be taking decisions like the one she recently took by agreeing to serve the abusive BDP. No sensible young person would join BDP. Her intelligence is exaggerated,” he told reporters.
Rakgare predicts that Kenewendo is going to be an ordinary MP and will not change “the corrupt BDP. “With her skills and expertise, she should have at least joined cabinet to influence policy, even though I doubt she can do much under a party like BDP. As a back bencher, her value won’t be useful,” quipped BCP Vice President Kesitegile Gobotswang supporting Rakgare’s argument.
At the same press briefing, the BCP received two BDP defectors, namely Thabang Keakile from Ramotswa and Moemedi Baikalafi from Gaborone Bonnington South. This was enough fodder to prompt Rakgare to attack the “old” Lotty Manyapetsa who he questioned for joining the BDP, saying Keakile who was much younger than him had made a sensible decision joining the BCP. He cited high youth unemployment as evidence that the BDP was not a youth friendly party.
Of Mephato Reatile, the other new Specially Elected MP, Gobotswang- the BCP VP, said his appointment was a complete joke. This was before he also criticized the BDP, calling it a “loan shark” for people in debt since opposition defectors apparently join it for financial redemption.
Gobotswang said the receipt of the two BDP defectors was proof that although without the same propaganda machinery (government media) as the BDP, opposition parties were also harvesting members from the party.