Kgathi’s Bulela Ditswe nemesis to be vetted out?

Sources close to the development say that Kgathi feels threatened by Kgoboko who appears to be more popular in the constituency than him.


The Botswana Gazette understands that there is a plan hatched by sympathizers of Bobonong MP Shaw Kgathi to block Francisco Kgoboko’s parliamentary ambitions. Kgoboko is expected to take on Kgathi who is also Minister of Defence Justice and Security, in BDP ‘s 2018 primary elections.
Sources close to the development say that Kgathi feels threatened by Kgoboko who appears to be more popular in the constituency than him: “Majority of people of Bobirwa want change and they see Kgoboko as a fresh mind and the face of hope…they want to reject Kgathi and this does not go well with the current MP and his sympathizers,” a source said.
The Botswana Gazette however is in possession of a leaked audio recording in which a speaker said to be Bobonong Region Chairperson Ishmael Legwaila saying there will be tough measures for those who contravene BDP rules by canvassing for votes long before the Bulela Ditswe process has started- a statement thought to be directed to Kgoboko. The recording is purported to have been made during a 2014 election victory party for a Molalatau councilor recently.
“There is a small group of boys who go around electioneering and we once heard about some at Mabole and followed up and confronted them. Warn them you their parents…when the time comes for Bulela Ditswe we will tell you during vetting time that you were electioneering and we will be called bad people,” the recorded speaker said.  A source says the “boys from Mabole village” being referred to in the audio are Kgoboko and his friends who are said to be his future campaign managers. Kgoboko is said to enjoy the support of Bobonong Branch Youth Committee, while Kgathi is said to be popular among elderly BDP members.
Reached for comment, Kgoboko said he is not aware of the audio referring to him but said like any citizen with ambition, he was entitled to expressing interest in being an MP. He however denied that he was electioneering and in violation of party rules. Kgathi himself referred question to Legwaila, saying he was inundated with parliament duties.
Speaking to The Botswana Gazette, Legwaila said his remarks in Molalatau were directed to “some young people” who are going around canvassing support before the party approves such practice. He however denied ever referring to Kgoboko, saying he was not aware that he was no electioneering. He also denied that there were factional battles.
Kgathi and Kgoboko’s rivalry was first sounded at the beginning of the year when the latter rose to popularity in the Bobonong constituency and seen as Kgathi’s successor. Kgathi is however said to have reported the matter to the BDP Central Committee.