Kgoroba Threatens to Cut Boko To Size


Alliance for Progressives (AP) Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane Sedirwa Kgoroba has warned Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President Duma Boko to desist from talking ill about the newly formed party if he wants peace.
An enraged Kgoroba took to social media this past Sunday and sent warnings to Boko whom he accused of conniving with Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) President Sidney Pilane to ensure their faction gets frustrated and bolt out of the BMD and UDC.  In his Facebook post, Kgoroba accused Boko of making scathing remarks about AP at a Botswana Teachers Union (BTU) event on Saturday. ‘‘It is not within our culture to talk about other opposition parties and he should not cultivate that culture within the AP,’’ Kgoroba wrote.
The Mogoditshane legislator wrote that as the AP, they know that Boko connived with Pilane long before the UDC verdict on the BMD impasse was out. ‘‘We respect his choice and do not go around wailing about it, unjust and dishonest as it is,’’ Kgoroba charged. He warned that ‘‘the scathing remarks he made about AP yesterday at the BTU 18th anniversary cannot just be let to pass.’’
Kgoroba also highlighted that as the AP, they accord Boko the respect and as such they expect the same in return. ‘‘He just cannot have his cake and eat it. We chose not to abide by his verdict and he must respect our choice too. We will not castigate him for that was his choice and democratic right thus can he also respect our choice,’’ wrote Kgoroba. He called on Boko to accept that he is no super human being and as such he should conduct himself in an acceptable manner because being loud-mouthed is not a sign of any intelligence (Go bala bala ga ngwana ga se botlhale so can Duma Boko just accept that he is no super human being ke ngwana fela jaaka bana botlhe).
Speaking to the Botswana Gazette in a telephone interview on Monday evening, Kgoroba reiterated the statement he posted on social media, further warning Boko that they will not leave him to go unscathed in his attacks as they will also launch counter attacks on him should he continue attacking their party. ‘‘Boko must just get over and done with the fact we have left him with his people who now lead the BMD. It appears we have become the spice of every one of his talks where he finds it hard to resist the temptation to talk about us whenever he gets the opportunity to speak in public,’’ fumed Kgoroba.  On what exactly offended him in Boko’s speech at the BTU event, Kgoroba alleges that Boko implored the audience not to vote for AP and went on to label AP leaders as renegades who have betrayed the opposition cooperation.’’
‘‘It’s so appalling how Boko has now stopped talking about the ills of the BDP government and has shifted focus on AP. We never talk about him. We have stopped talking about the BMD but lo and behold, the guys just can’t stop talking about us,’’ Kgoroba said during the interview. On whether they intend to approach Boko and express their displeasure, Kgoroba said they do not intend to approach Boko but will rather quell his fire with their own fire. ‘‘They are struggling to justify their relevance to the electorates and they think they can use the AP to endear themselves to the public. We will not sit and watch helplessly,’’ the passionate MP said.
The Botswana Gazette has accorded Boko and Pilane the right to reply to Kgoroba’s criticism but the two political leaders had not responded by time of going to print. This publication will accord Pilane or Boko opportunity to respond should they want to.