• Wards off claims that she is politically motivated by her opposition leanings 
  • Calls on BaLete not to be perturbed by detractors on social media 
  • “We are not suing the government; the government is the one suing us”


Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of BaLete has moved to calm her people in the midst of “political smear campaigns” in the aftermath of her crusade against the government in a case in which a farm they collectively own as private property is targeted for confiscation through the courts.

Her response follows some social media posts from certain quarters that attributed her fight to her political inclinations to the opposition.


In her address to multitudes of her tribesmen and women gathered at the High Court yesterday, Kgosi Mosadi called on BaLete to be resolute in their struggle to protect their title to the farm just south of Gaborone.

“Continue in the struggle and don’t be deterred or dissuaded,” Her Majesty said to responses of solid support from her tribespeople. “I know that some of you spend sleepless nights after reading baseless social media claims linking me to certain political formations.”

She said she was recently linked to the “Ke Nako” slogan of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) because of the colours of her clothing at one time. “I am today dressed in clothes that I bought for myself and may be linked to another party.”

“But I recently wore something red and did not hear any complaints. I wear German print every day and nobody ever says anything.”
The Sovereign of BaLete emphasised that it is the government that has taken Ba-Ga-Malete to court and not the other way around.


Case postponed
Meanwhile, the BaLete vs the State case has been postponed to a later date to allow parties to regularise their applications with court rules. The application will be heard on a date to be allocated by the court during the November session.

The state is appealing a ruling by High Court justices Michael Mothobi, Mokwadi Gabanagae and Gabriel Komboni last year that the 2000-hectare Forest Hill 9-KO farm at Kgale near Gaborone is legally vested in the BaLete tribe.

The High Court dismissed the application by MaLete Land Board that had sought an order directing the Registrar of Deeds to cancel the Forest Hill Farm 9-KO deed of transfer accorded to BaLete.