Kgosi Puso Gaborone re-elected as Chairperson of Ntlo ya Dikgosi

Chedza Mmolawa

Kgosikgolo of Batlokwa tribe, Puso Gaborone celebrated yet another victory after being re-elected as Chairperson of the Ntlo ya Dikgosi this past Monday during the 12th meeting of the House. He was nominated alongside Kgosi Galeakanye Modise of Tswapong region and managed to garner 19 votes against Modise’s 11 votes, reinstating him back to the position of Chairperson. Kgosi Tshipe Tshipe of Mahalapye region had nominated Gaborone while Kgosi Disho Ndhowe of Okavango region had proposed Modise’s name.
Kgosi Gaborone said the journey was not always a smooth one but thanked God for his protection as chairperson of the house of chiefs. He said leadership in general requires that the leader be a giving soul and not someone who is selfish. He added that a true leader should be open, honest, and puts others ahead of themselves. He said his aim has always been to help grow Ntlo ya Dikgosi. And that he could only have managed by working as a team with other members of the house.
“We need a dedicated, visionary leadership in Ntlo ya Dikgosi so that the coming generation can easily carry the baton forward. We should never lose focus on what we want to achieve as dikgosi in this house. I believe I have sacrificed a lot for purposes to see it go forward and because I love this house I plead that as members we should not bring negativity that will tear us apart but instead we should be united and dignified to uplift this institution for the coming generation,” he said.
He reminded his colleagues that he will be chairperson for only 2 and a half years as parliament will soon dissolve going to the 2019 general election. He emphasized that it is thus vital that the house of chiefs make changes and developments that will have long lasting positive effects as 2019 will present a lot of opportunities for dikgosi in general.