Khama Defies Government 

  • Instructs royal uncles to call meeting at Serowe main Kgotla
  • Royal uncles to present Peter Khama as Acting Regent
  • Kgosi Serogola likely to deny them permission to use the Kgotla




Former president and Kgosikgolo Ya BaMangwato, Ian Khama, has instructed his uncles to convene a meeting at main Kgotla Serowe where Kgosi Seretse Peter Khama is to be presented as the new Acting Regent.


This is inspite of the incumbency of the government-appointed Kgosi Serogola Seretse.


An invitation for the purpose has been shared with members of the BaNgwato tribe by Khama’s uncles, namely Rasebolai Kgamane, Phokontsi Seeletso and Mokhutswane Sekgoma.


It is dated 6 December 2023 and reads: “We the undersigned, boRangwane-a-Kgosikgolo, duly authorised by letter dated 6th December 2023 from Kgosi Lt. Gen Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama, and/or acting in our capacity as senior members of the BaGammangwato tribe, hereby notify and invite you to a meeting of members of the BaGammangwato tribe.”


The meeting is scheduled for 16 December 2023 at the Serowe main Kgotla in Serowe.


Peter Khama 


The invitation to BaNgwato states the agenda of the meeting as: “To discuss with the tribe the current Bogosi Jwa Gammangwato issues. To present the designated Motshwarelela Bogosi, Kgosi Seretse Peter Khama, to the tribe and also to discuss any other matter of tribal concern.”


Although a similar meeting failed to take place last month after Kgosi Serogola  Seretse reportedly refused to give Khama’s uncles permission to use the main Kgotla, former president Khama is optimistic that the meeting will go on this time around.


“The meeting will go ahead and we will see if the regime will engage in their unlawful actions again to prevent it,” he said.


“The guy at the Kgotla”


“Actually, to tell the truth, there is a standing instruction from (President Mokgweetsi) Masisi not to allow them to meet. The minister (Kgotla Autlwetse) and the guy at the Kgotla (Kgosi Serogola) don’t have authority to deploy the police.”


Khama added that several attempts to engage Kgosi Serogola Seretse about access to use the main Kgotla have failed.


For his part, Minister Autlwetse says Kgosi Serogola is the only person who holds authority over use of the Serowe main Kgotla.


PULL QUOTE: “The meeting will go ahead and we will see if the regime will engage in their unlawful actions again to prevent it.”