Khama: Guma Can Go

  • Says Guma is not the first person to leave the BPF
  • “I am running to become party president and I am not apologetic about it”


The Patron of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), Ian Khama, does “not see anything special about Guma (Moyo) leaving the party because he is not the first person to leave the BPF”.

Khama made these remarks in response to the resignation of Guma who has been quoted as saying Khama has accused him of being an operative sent to destabilise the BPF.

Bona fide

“Guma can go,” Khama said in an interview last night (Tuesday). “He is not the first person and will probably not be the last to resign from the party. Many have resigned before, just as many have joined.

“It’s the order with political movements. My only crime I know is to contest the BPF presidency as a bona fide member of the party with all democratic rights to. Another is to curtail constitutional delinquency by some members of the NEC.”

Khama added that he does not mind being in Guma’s accusations. “I am used to being accused of all manner of things and I am not bothered because I know that my actions are in the interest of the party,” he said.

Although he may not have delivered any letter of resignation to the party, Guma has been quoted as saying his relationship with Khama is too tense for him to continue working with the man who is the patron of the BPF.