Khama, Magosi Weapons Handover Stand-off Deepens

  • Magosi insists he won’t GO and collect the firearms as instructed by Khama
  • Gives Khama a deadline to have handed over the firearms, Khama misses the deadline
  • Magosi invites Khama’s lawyers to accompany him if they so wish


A dispute between the head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Peter Magosi and former president Ian Khama over collection of weapons from the latter seems to be stuck in a dead-end from which exit is unpredictable.
This week Magosi, who has obtained a warrant to search for and collect weapons from the former president’s various residences, gave Khama a Monday 8 November 2021 deadline to have complied with his demand to hand over the weapons but Khama ignored Magosi and instead left for South Africa after daring Magosi to come and collect the weapons.
In response, Magosi wrote to Khama’s lawyer’s rejecting his ‘invitation.’ “We deny that there is an obligation for us to collect the firearms,” Magosi wrote. “In that respect, we advise that your client hand over the said firearms to the DIS investigating officer not later than Monday 8, 2021, noon.”
In the letter, Magosi said Khama has a legal obligation in respect to the firearms that are registered in his name and that if his legal team wishes to accompany him, they are free to do so.
As it turns out, Khama’s lawyers say the letter reached them after their client had already travelled (to South Africa). The latest developments followed Khama’s letter to Magosi last week in which he stated that he would not deliver the weapons to the DISS office in Sebele as asked to.
Khama’s lawyers, Ramalepa Attorneys, had written a letter to Magosi asking him to collect the weapons himself as agreed. “Former president will not come and deliver the weapons to your office,” they wrote. “You should instead come and get them as was agreed on Saturday, October 23, 2021.”
According to the letter, the former president told Magosi that the weapons were still under the care of his officers at his residence and that he may contact him for their handing over at a time of his convenience.
Khama said it was mind-boggling that the Director General of DISS had not come to collect the weapons but was now asking him to deliver them after claiming a threat to national security.
Insiders say the matter between the two men, both ex-soldiers, may be headed to an unpleasant point as neither is willing to yield. Just recently, the state moved on Khama’s blue-eyed boy, Isaac Kgosi, over a similar situation after he too became difficult. The matter is currently before the courts.