Khama shocked by Parks Tafa

Khama says he is still shocked by Tafa’s presence at the BDP congress and his revelations about Tshekedi


Following “unexpected” developments that took place at the recent Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) congress in Tsabong where his long time confidant, Parks Tafa, made certain revelations about him, former president Ian Khama says he will make time to sit Tafa down to discuss their future.

Khama’s advisor of longstanding, Tafa, who has not been well for some time, shocked many when he surfaced at the just-ended BDP congress where he was clearly in the best of terms with President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Tshekedi as vice president
Asked by the President to shed a light on the origins of the antipathy between Khama and himself, Tafa stated that one of the contentious issues was that Khama wanted Masisi to appoint his younger brother, Tshekedi, to the position of vice president of the country.
Asked this week what he made of Tafa’s statement, Khama said he was still shocked both by Tafa’s presence at the BDP congress and his revelations.

“I know Tafa to be unwell and just recently I assisted him on his health issues,” he said. “So I was shocked to hear that he was at the BDP congress saying all that he was saying.”
“For a very long time, I have been worried about his health. Upon enquiry about how he managed to travel there owing to his health problems, I was told that he used DIS aircraft.”

Tafa under coercion
“I know of a lot of developments which may have led us here but I will rather not share those. All I can say is that the Parks Tafa that I know and worked with would never do or say those things. You know that very well, right? He was undoubtedly acting under some form of coercion against his conscience.”

“I don’t mind if I am betrayed by Masisi but not a person like Tafa! I say so because he knows the truth and he is the one who informed me that upon delivery of the news to Masisi that he would be the President, Masisi cried heavily and pledged to make Tshekedi his vice unsolicited.”

Even so, Khama admitted that Tafa has always been BDP. Asked if Tafa’s utterances and close association with Masisi had affected their relationship and if he felt let down, Khama responded: “Yes and no. Yes because of what he said but no because I understand his challenges. This regime thrives on catching people at their moment of weakness.”

Longstanding friend
But the former president said in spite of what has happened, he will make time to sit down with Tafa to discuss their future. “He has been my lawyer, advisor and close friend for a very long time,” Khama said. “Many of my decisions were from his advice, including some recent ones. So we will sit down and talk and decide on the way forward.”
He added that one of the reasons he opted for Ramalepa Attorneys was Tafa being unwell.