Kwelagobe blasts ‘France Museveni’

  • Says whoever runs “that thing” is petty
  • ‘Museveni’ says DK was seen plotting against Boko and Khama with Guma
  • DK says he doesn’t do politics of hate and former comrades are not enemies


The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) veteran, Daniel Kwelagobe, has come down hard on a Facebook pseudo account operator/s for mentioning his name and accusing him of being involved in some plot against UDC leader Duma Boko and patron of the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) Ian Khama. The plot purportedly entails how to split the UDC ahead of 2024 elections.

In a recent post, ‘Museveni’ showed a picture of Kwelagobe with some politicians that Kwelagobe has identified as Moyo Guma, Patrick Masimolole, Ford Moiteela, as well as one time Chief Press Officer at the erstwhile Department of Information and Broadcasting, Moreri Gabakgore.


Former comrades
Upon being contacted, Kwelagobe seemed to be aware of the post and responded: “Whoever runs that thing (referring to the account) is petty and a liar. Are we now not allowed to associate with our former comrades?”

“Should we hate them and run away when we see them just because someone somewhere hates them. Unlike many, I don’t do politics of hate and former comrades are not enemies. The meeting was just of friends in politics and there was no agenda.”

The former BDP heavyweight said he has aged and is enjoying his retirement and has no interest in opposition politics.

In the post, ‘Museveni’ described Kwelagobe as “a master of factions, best in history on creating divisions in any party”. The post also characterised Kwelagobe as a man who hates peace, saying he was giving Guma tips on how to split the UDC and the BPF in that meeting.

The pseudo account warned that it has recordings of the meeting and will leak them soon as it always does. Meanwhile, BDP legislator Unity Dow is in court battling with presidential aide, Botho Seboko, whom she accuses of being a member of DISS machinery behind the pseudo account.

Seboko is suing Dow for what he says is exposing his life to risk by associating him with the notorious account without providing proof of her claims. The case is before Justice Dr Zein Kebonang.