Lekganyane Bans the Pula currency in Moria – leaked audio

  • Blames the ZCC educated youth for church troubles
  • Vows to deal with those taking the church to court


Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Bishop Barnabas Lekganyane has vented out his frustrations over the ongoing disputes within the church following his idea to merge branches in every single locality where the church exists.
In a speech in an audio shared with this publication delivered at the church’s recent Annual General Meeting held in Kanye, Lekganyane expressed his deep-seated frustration and anger saying the resistance to his merger proposition has harmed the reputation of the church.
“My concerns centers around the conduct of some of our members in this country that have sought to divide the church and to undermine our efforts to restructure and streamline the structures of the ZCC to improve efficiency and administration,” Lekganyane told the ZCC AGM which was snubbed by some branches who revealed that they were never invited.
He added that “I have noticed a worrisome habit in recent years involving some members in the country, they seem to be on a mission to shake the foundation the ZCC in Botswana and undo every good thing that their forefathers and chiefs have built for years. As a spiritually leader I am extremely concerned by this conduct and its negative impact on the church’s operations and social standing.”
He continued, “In particular I am worried about the following issues; the habit of dragging ZCC to court willy-nilly, causing divisions and hatred, bringing the church into disrepute and the breach of financial laws by bringing undeclared foreign currency to Moria, in your case Botswana Pula.”
Lekganyane said the church would not tolerate people ‘hellbent’ on leaving Botswana carrying Pula currency to Moria where only the Rand is permitted.
On resolving conflicts in courts, he criticized members who take the church to court without exhausting available structures, which he describes as “willing and capable”.
“I am spending sleepless nights over the new trend of some members dragging the church to court. We are surprised because we have all structures in every branch; Districts, headquarters in Moria that have always solved problems in the church in its 108 years of existence,” complained the ZCC leader.
Lekganyane also expressed concerns about individuals who continue to rebuff the Consensus Building and Mediation Team (CBMT) despite being summoned by the church leadership and accusing them of spreading division amongst local branches. He blamed this on young and educated people most of whom he described as lacking discipline.
“Some and most of these people restructure the church are mostly the youth in the church aged 16-40 years, and action will be taken against these members,” he warned.
He said that the delay in the appointment of the Botswana ZCC minister was also delayed as a result of the ongoing wars.
Meanwhile, the Botswana Gazette understands that the disgruntled members are in the process of lodging yet another case before the high court to challenge the CMBT which they accuse of acting beyond its mandate. They further accuse the committee of exporting lies to the headquarters.