Lives of exposed DISS agents in jeopardy

  • Some of the agents want out of the deal
  • Others are reportedly serving suspensions from their regular jobs


Several secret agents of the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) are reportedly leading abnormal lives following the recent exposure of their identities to the public, The Botswana Gazette can reveal.

The agents have reportedly registered grievances with DISS as their side employer about how they have been publicly embarrassed and their lives thrown into jeopardy because people now look at them askance everywhere.

The Gazette is reliably informed that some have asked for termination of their contracts for fear that the worst could befall them as things stand.

Botswana’s secret service has been riven by disunity since the arrival of its current leader, Brigadier Peter Magosi, who has been battling infiltration by hostile forces opposed to President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

It is understood that the top brass at DISS does not agree on how the organisation should tackle damage control after a leaked document that led to the covers of its agents being blown. In the meantime, the contents of the document are passing as fact because they have not been effectively refuted.

Watchers of the intelligence community blame current DISS troubles on the organization’s obsession with the politics, saying the fascination will not help things because politics is inherently divisive.

“DISS has neglected crucial areas such economic information, including data on trade, finance, natural resources, industrial capacity and the GDP product and chases after house-flies,” a senior agent said in an interview that cannot be attributed.

“Something needs to be done as quickly as yesterday. It beats me how such a document could get leaked when advancement in technology enables intelligence organisations to adopt new methods of collecting intelligence and new techniques of protecting secret information.”

Efforts to reach DISS proved futile as its spokesperson did not answer his phone.