Magosi’s Future in Limbo?

  • Contract to expire end of April
  • PSP confirms Magosi’s request for extension
  • Masisi yet to decide


President Mokgweetsi Masisi is yet to decide the fate of the head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DISS), Peter Magosi, whose contract is due to expire in April 2023, The Botswana Gazette has established.

Magosi was appointed Director General of DISS on a three-year contract in 2018, replacing the founding head Colonel Isaac Kgosi. He was handed a two-year extension when his initial contract expired in April 2021.


While sources say Magosi is “confident” of getting another extension, the Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Emma Peloetletse says no decision has been made.

“He has given us a three-month notice that his contract is coming to an end, as is done under normal practice,” she told The Gazette. “At this point, that is where we are. Nothing more has been discussed.”

Sources say there are some divisions about Magosi’s contract extension, with some ministers opposed to the idea of seeing him continue as head of the secret service.

Bad stain

“Although that is the prerogative of the President, some have advised Masisi against giving Magosi an extension,” said a source on Government Enclave “Most of them believe that he will cause a bad stain on Masisi’s presidency.”

Meanwhile, Magosi is the subject of ongoing corruption and abuse of office investigations by the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes (DCEC).

He has also been accused of interfering with the mandates of other law enforcement agencies such as the Botswana Police Service, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and DCEC itself.