Makgophe trashes Kgosi’s appeal for protection

  • Commissioner not moved by ex-spy chief’s appeal
  • Kgosi wants BPS to rein DISS,BURS in


The Commissioner of Police has rebuffed Isaac Kgosi’s call for help and intervention in what the former spy chief says are serious and continuing threats on his life by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS).

Two months ago, Kgosi deposed a dossier to the head of Botswana Police Service (BPS), Keabetswe Makgophe, alleging that his life was in danger and that the spy agency that he used to lead was conspiring to eliminate him. Kgosi and his ally in former president Ian Khama are sworn enemies with the current director of DISS, Peter Magosi, who was fired by the Khama administration from his job as the head of MI for allegedly spying on Kgosi when the latter was the head of DISS.

Kgosi – who has been subject to an intensive probe by the spy agency and Botswana Unified Revenue Service since his dismissal by President Masisi from his perch at the apex of DISS in May last year – has expressed frustration at the way Makgophe is treating this matter, saying the police commissioner has not taken the time to act on his appeal for help. It is understood that this matter is one of several others from Kgosi before Makgophe.

Kgosi ‘s lawyer, Diba Diba, confirmed that Makgophe has responded to Kgosi but says he is not at liberty to discuss his client with third parties. “We have received the police commissioner’s response but I cannot divulge its contents without the client’s consent. We are still to decide on the way forward regarding this matter.” Diba told The Botswana Gazette yesterday, adding that indeed this correspondence was one of several others of a similar nature from Kgosi to Makgophe.

Also speaking to this publication yesterday, BPS spokesman Near Bagali said the Commissioner had responded to Kgosi. “He knows our position on the matter as that has been communicated to him,” he said.

However, Bagali added that BPS was not willing to discuss the response in detail but Kgosi was free to do so if he was so inclined. Significantly, the police spokesman confirmed that BPS had not opened any case or investigation regarding Kgosi’s appeal. “We do not have any ongoing case or investigation in relation to the appeal,” Bagali said.

It is understood that the Commissioner has always been wary of Kgosi’s behaviour because he regards this as the antics of a once powerful man who now finds himself in adverse circumstances. While some say Makgophe and Kgosi always had a “very professional” relationship based on mutual respect before the latter fell from grace, others say Makgophe was never a fan of Kgosi’s.
“A police officer will always be a police officer,” says a source in law enforcement. His or her first duty speaks to respect for the rule of law. Most police officers are wired that way. I guess this explains why these two have never been close friends. Kgosi cannot expect any favours from Makgophe at this juncture.”

According to this source, Kgosi would do well if he stopped thinking that he could deter law enforcement agencies from probing him on account of his previous status. Asked for his views on the way forward, Kgosi said he was not willing to discuss the matter now but added that a time would come for him to speak.