Masisi reunites civil service spouses

  • Separate Spouses called to apply to be united
  • PSP says not all will be successful
  • Marriage counsellor says its a huge relief


President Mokgweetsi Masisi- a proud family man ‘s administration has called on all civil service spouses who were geographically separated by work to apply to be united with their spouses, a move that has left many spouses excited.
Despite this, the Permanent Secretary to the President Carter Morupisi has warned that the excitement may be short-lived for some as the move will judge case by case and exclude some who may not be permitted by circumstances.
“The move is intended to provide a remedy to the collapsing family structure, some of which we know are a result of separation due to work commitments. We will do all we can to unite families but it is important to note that not all requests will be successful as circumstances can differ from one person to another,” he said further adding that this may include cases where a spouse ‘s job or occupations doesn’t exists at another’s.
“However we will call those who are unsuccessful and explain these issues to them and assure them that we will keep looking for other opportunities,” he said.
Ntombi Setshwaelo, a gender activist, counsellor and co-founder of Emang Basadi who is renowned for her advocacy for social justice and personal transformation, as means to productiveness and peaceful co-existence says the move by the government is a huge relief to dysfunctional and collapsing marriages, infidelity and many other social ills to strengthen the family structure.
“There are so many cases I have dealt with whereupon I have made recommendations that the only remedy can be to reunite the spouses and that was never done and as I speak so many marriages have collapsed as a result and this move will undoubtedly rescue many marriages who have been facing similar challenges,” she said.
She said many people undermine the power and impact of a separated family, “the impact is huge and cuts across. Not only is it felt by the family but even those who such individuals associate with like co-workers, students who are taught by stressed teachers and so forth,” she said further adding that the situation exposed children to single-parent-headed families.
She said records will show that many spouses had been requesting to swap in vain while many especially the youth resorted to infidelity which also increased their susceptibility to many diseases like HIV /AIDS and many others.
There has been a policy on the swapping positions which sources say was not being fully implemented and this left many applicants frustrated due to limited opportunities. Masisi who is usually seen parading his family in public gatherings is taking from Ian Khama- a bachelor former president who in 2010 described his ideal woman as “tall, slim and beautiful.” The former president is still single.