Maternity leave, COVID-19 cause clinic to stop night shift

  • Patients advised to go to Area W Clinic
  • F/town DHMT says curfew should curb numbers


FRANCISTOWN: Shortage of nurses under Francistown District Health Management Team (FDHMT) has led to suspension of night duty services at Jubilee Clinic, which is one of only two 24-hour clinics in the entire Francistown district, The Botswana Gazette has established.

The situation is so serious that the clinic is compelled to operate with only six nurses who are overwhelmed because they work in three shifts of two. “Nurses are not available (for Jubilee Clinic), resulting in six providing 24-hour service in three shifts,” a statement from F/town DHMT said. “This situation has necessitated suspension of nigh duty services effective 19th May until June. Patients in need of emergency night services should seek help from Area W Clinic.”

Area W Clinic is also likely to be overrun by patients because it is the only one currently providing night duty services out of 39 clinics in the district. Contacted for comment, the Coordinator of FDHMT, Dr Ivan Kgetse, disclosed that the situation is the result of nurses going on maternity leave and others testing positive for COVID-19.

“It is undisputable that more patients will visit Area W Clinic at night,” Dr Kgetse told The Gazette. “However, due to the curfew, only the most deserving or serious emergency cases are likely will do that.”