MoH Investigates Marina for Neglecting Pregnant Woman 

  • Woman claims negligence and verbal abuse
  •  “She even threatened to leave me to die”
  • MoH vows appropriate action for culprit


The Ministry of Health (MoH) is investigating a midwife at Princess Marina Hospital who allegedly neglected a patient who was in labour.

The investigations come in the wake of allegations of verbal abuse levelled against one of the hospital’s midwives by one TikTok user named Bella Lwami.

In a communique issued by MoH spokesperson, Dr Christopher Nyanga, following Lwami’s alleged ordeal, MoH vows to take appropriate action against the staff member involved if the allegations prove true.


“The ministry has noted in social media platforms allegations of an unfortunate incident in which a patient who delivered a baby at Princes Marina Hospital chronicles a story of insensitive, verbal abuse, rude and demeaning treatment she received at the hands of a staff member.

“Some of the allegations bordered on professional negligence. The ministry immediately traced the patient and has since been able to locate her. Though the investigations are ongoing, the ministry regrets this unfortunate incident.

“Such behaviour by a staff member, or any health professional for that matter, would be unethical, unprofessional and unacceptable by all standards.


“The ministry therefore apologises for the alleged incident and assures members of the public that it will investigate the issue to the very end.

“If indeed the allegations turn out to be true, appropriate action will be taken against the culprit.”

In her video that went viral, Lwami accuses the midwife who was assigned to assist her to deliver her baby of verbal abuse, threatening her and of negligence as she gave birth to her baby.

“The most horrific service”

Narrating her ordeal, the first-time mother said the midwife scolded and warned her against expressing her pains during delivery. “I got the most horrific service during my delivery in Marina,” she says.

“The midwife was so rude to me during the entire delivery period. She just lay on the couch even if I asked her for help. She even asked me why I was screaming while others were just calm.

“She even threatened to leave me to die if I kept on expressing my pains. I eventually gave birth alone and my child was saved by a doctor who appeared in the room from nowhere.”