Molao Clashes with Constituents

  • Constituents accuse him of failing in his mandate and tell him to not seek re-election in 2024
  • Molao says he won’t waste time arguing with the opposition


Scores of Shashe West constituents have clashed with their MP, Fidelis Molao, who they accused of failing in his mandate, The Botswana Gazette has established.

The criticism came in the wake of an announcement by Molao’s office that the MP had embarked on a meet-and-greet tour of the constituency.

Irate constituents have dismissed the tour, saying that it is primarily meant to check on the MP’s friends and loyalists, saying even then he only comes when the general elections approach so as to manipulate the electorate to vote for him again.

Open letter
They have ‘advised’ him not to dare seek re-election in the next general elections in 2024. “You are only coming to check us now knowing very well that elections are getting closer,” one of them, Thabang Marokwe, wrote in an open letter to Molao.

“We know you very well that you want to manipulate our elderly citizens to vote you again. You have failed us, and it is high time you reconsider your representation.”
Marokwe went on to ask Molao to make way for a more capable person as the next MP who will lead the constituency with honour and humility. His attack sparked further criticism from scores of other constituents who joined the bandwagon.

Responding to his critics, Molao said he would not waste time arguing with opposition fanatics and is busy checking on his voters in their homes. He challenged his critics to talk about their parties as he is ready for any opponent in 2024.

“Keep on criticising,” he said. “We will meet in 2024. I tour my constituency at any time and I will not listen to what the opposition says.”

Molao subsequently told The Gazette in an interview that his critics are all opposition activists who are eager downplay the attitude of the MP for Francistown West, Ignatius Moswaane.

He added that attacks on him followed Moswaane’s debate in Parliament when he said the proposed Mandunyane/Mathangwane Road “ke tsela ya mokgabo (luxury project)” and is therefore unnecessary.