Molapo suburbs residents fight for FCC recognition

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  • FCC fails to service their area despite paying rates
  • Seek answers and want to meet President Masisi
  • Accuse government of only recognising them during elections


FRANCISTOWN: Failure by Francistown City Council (FCC) to service and recognise the up market Molapo suburbs as part of the city has triggered a heated confrontation between residents and the FCC. The irate residents have set up a delegation that is scheduled to meet with President Mokgweetsi Masisi.
The residents of Molapo complain that while the FCC claims ignorance as to their location, they are charged exorbitant service levies and rates causing confusion and anger.
Situated in the eastern part of Francistown, the up-market location’s population is estimated at 300. The location makes up Tshwaragano council ward which falls under Francistown South constituency. This according to the residents, has raised eyebrows with them wondering how the location could be recognised by the Independent Electoral Commission while on the other hand the council does not recognised it.
According to the area Councillor Gaone Majere who is also part of the delegation that is scheduled to meet the council leadership before taking the issue to the President, for a very long the council has been refusing the service the area in terms of maintaining the internal roads, maintaining storm water drainage as well as street electricity on the grounds that the location is on private land. “Our contention as residents is that how can the FCC charge us service levy while they claim that we are not part of Francistown. Further the physical planning is always involved during construction of houses in the area and they even have the authority to stop some of the construction claiming that the procedures have been flawed. So how is it possible to be disassociated from the city while they interfere in other matters,” Majere revealed following a meeting of the residents held over the weekend in preparation for the confrontation with government.
Majere said while the ward has long been given part of the constituency fund it remains problematic to start developmental infrastructure because the council is vehemently refusing to use their machinery in the area arguing that it is a private land. “We wanted to use the constituency funds allocated to the ward to pave the depleted internal roads but unfortunately the development remains mystery as council is defiant on using its machinery. So we are left we no other option but to approach the President about this issue,” the area councillor pointed out.
FCC Town Clerk Lopang Pule was aware of the residents’ concerns when reached for comment but explained that they have been delayed due to the difficulties being faced in inheriting the estate and the failure to establish an agreement of sale for the land.
Pule explained that Molapo Estate is free hold land that initially belonged to Tati Company but was sold to small holdingers, who also sub-divided and sold to individuals. “So for the FCC to inherit the estate and its infrastructure we have to first establish the sale agreement. It remains a challenge because we are struggling to find first owners. But as soon as we find the necessary document the council will inherit the area and start servicing like others,” Pule explained in an interview.